Tolerable Planet Enterprises is a strategic consulting firm that provides a unique combination of regulatory engagement, business development and policy strategy to drive opportunities in the new energy economy.

Regulatory Engagement. Achieving successful outcomes in state and federal regulatory proceedings requires a multi-faceted engagement strategy. In addition to well-crafted position statements that are included in the public record, it is critical to build alliances across industries, meet with commissioners and their staff, and establish public support for policy changes that will lead to new markets for clean energy. Tolerable Planet develops both short-term and multi-year campaigns that ensure the rules allow the value of new technologies to reach the market.

Policy Strategy. Energy markets are a complicated web of legislation, policies and regulations. Many companies, large and small, recognize the importance of these policies on their current and future business, but have a difficult time dedicating resources and developing expertise. Tolerable Planet works collaboratively with senior management to create strategic roadmaps and near-term policy objectives that can help transform energy markets.

Market and Business Development. Tolerable Planet identifies and shapes opportunities to create new market opportunities. This work includes developing regulatory and business partnerships in the smart grid industry, renewable energy project development, distributed generation and carbon markets.

Investment and Finance Advisory. Tolerable Planet works with individuals, private equity and institutional investors to execute investment strategies in the clean energy sector and environmental markets. Tolerable Planet also provides deal sourcing and diligence services for multiple private clients and family offices.

Renewable Energy and Project Development. Tolerable Planet provides regulatory engagement and builds partnerships for development of community-scale energy resources. These services leverage a deep network of public and private sector industry contacts built over two decades.